Forgotten Realms

The FOR series was a series of thirteen 2nd edition sourcebooks published by TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast between 1990 and 2000.

Alle boeken op onze Site worden Weergeven met de prijs voor de B staat van het boek, Let hier alstublieft op!


A+ staat


Ongebruikt, meestsal nog in folie.


A staatZo goed als nieuw


Minimale gebruikssporen, meestal alleen op de

plank gestaan.

B staatZeer goede staat


Lichte gebruikssporen op kaft en hoekjes, minimale

gebruikssporen pagina’s.

C staatGoede staat 


Gebruikssporen op kaft, hoekjes en pagina’s, maar

nog in nette staat

D staatRedelijke staat 


Gebruikssporen op kaft, hoeken, evt losse pagina´s

of kaft, maar nog goed bruikbaar.

  • Forgotten realms A Grand Tour of the Realms
    Forgotten realms A Grand Tour of the Realms

    It is a world where the gods have walked and fantastic armies clashed. It is the home of Elminster, Alias, Azoun, Khelben, and Dritzzt the dark elf. It is the most popular fantasy campaign in history. Well met, traveler, and…

    € 14,99
  • Forgotten Realms: The Accursed Tower
    Forgotten Realms: The Accursed Tower

    Author(s) R.A. Salvatore, The Seven Swords
    Publisher TSR, Inc.
    Type Adventure
    Cover Artist Fred Fields
    Interior Artist(s) David A. Roach
    Realm year(s) 1369 DR
    Binding Paperback
    Released February 1999
    Pages 32

    € 14,99
  • The Drow of the Underdark
    The Drow of the Underdark

    They are the favorite foes of many a party of adventurers. In these pages, the drow come to life, their culture and powers detailed fully for the first time. This guide presents new rules galore: new spells, new magical items,…

    € 14,99
  • Adventures

    The coming of the Avatars and the Time of Troubles caused tremendous changes in the Forgotten Realms. Areas of dead magic and wild magic have appeared; character classes have been altered; new magical spells have been discovered;…

    € 9,99
  • spellbound

    The treasures and excitement of the Unapproachable East invite the courageous, yet strangers are never welcomed!

    This campaign expansion for Forgotten Realms explores the eastern regions of Thay, Aglarond, and Rashemen.

    € 59,99
  • pirates of the fallen stars
    pirates of the fallen stars

    "Aye, fightin' ship to ship is a grand thing. Makes ya feel like a real pirate, aimin' ballistas and catapults and such at the enemy, blastin' great holes in her hull, watchin' 'em flee like rats." Jomo Shanbaeren's eyes glaze…

    € 14,99
  • elves of evermeet
    elves of evermeet

    For many years, Evermeet has remained a mystery, known only as the elves' place of refuge. So far, details about the island itself, its geography, and society have been sketchy. It is known that Evermeet is protected by illusory…

    € 19,99
  • ruins of Zentil keep
    ruins of Zentil keep

    Visit the Heart of the Black Network

    Known throughout the Realms as the headquarters of the Zhentarim, Zhentil Keep has long been a trade hub, a seat of power, and a nest of corruption at the edge of the Moonsea. This set details…

    € 74,99
  • Menzoberranzan city of the drow
    Menzoberranzan city of the drow

    een boxed set met 3 boeken, een kaart van de stad Menzoberranzan een poster van het compound van House Baenre een poster van rivaliteiten en alianties tussen de drow huizen, een 16 pagina retrospective over huis Do'Urden en 12…

    € 69,99
  • the ruins of undermountain
    the ruins of undermountain

    in een B staat maar helaas niet helemaal compleet.

    de 8 monstrous compendium pagina's ontbreken helaas.

    € 39,99
  • the ruins of undermountain II
    the ruins of undermountain II

    doos is in een D staat, inhoud in een B staat.

    helaas niet helemaal compleet, het 32 pagina tellende adventure book en de 16 pagina tellende monstrous compendium ontbreken.

    € 29,99
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