Rebel expansion packs

  • Assualt Frigate Mark II
    Assualt Frigate Mark II

    The largest and most heavily armed of the Rebellion’s first wave of starships for Star Wars: Armada, the Assault Frigate Mark II is a light warship seven-hundred meters long that sports a crew just under five-thousand and…

    € 39,99
  • CR90 Corellian Corvette
    CR90 Corellian Corvette

    The first starship to appear in the classic Star Wars trilogy, the CR90 Corellian corvette is a small capital ship of roughly 150 meters that featured prominently in the Rebellion, largely due to its versatility. Often referred to…

    € 19,99
  • Hammerhead Corvettes
    Hammerhead Corvettes

    Brace for impact with the Hammerhead Corvettes Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada! Named for its distinctive silhouette, the Hammerhead corvette is officially classed as a transport, but features combat-worthy engines, hull,…

    € 34,99
  • Home One
    Home One

    Admiral Ackbar and his flagship star cruiser, Home One, arrive to Star Wars: Armada in the Home One Expansion Pack!

    Featuring one large-size, pre-painted miniature MC80 star cruiser, two ship cards, three command dials, and…

    € 39,99
  • MC30c Frigate
    MC30c Frigate

    One of the most powerful mid-level ships in the Galactic Civil War, the MC30c frigate presented a lethal combination of speed, high-powered armament, and advanced deflector shields.

    Now this fast and nimble Rebel ship arrives to…

    € 34,99
  • Nadiri Starhawk
    Nadiri Starhawk


    Verwachte release datum Q4 2019

    Alleen bij betalen bij bestelling kunnen wij levering garanderen.

    As the largest ship in the Rebel fleet, the Nadiri Starhawk can stand against any opposing force, even the fearsome…

    € 79,99
  • Nebulon-B Frigate
    Nebulon-B Frigate

    The Nebulon-B frigate was designed for the Imperial Navy by Kuat Drive Yards as a warship that could protect convoys from Rebel starfighters, but it was, ironically, a much more impactful ship within the Rebel fleet. At…

    € 19,99
  • Phoenix Home
    Phoenix Home

    Under the command of Jun Sato, the Phoenix Home was the nerve center of the fledgling Rebel fleet, and it makes its way to Star Wars™: Armada in the Phoenix Home Expansion Pack. What this small-base ship lacks in size and…

    € 34,99
  • Profundity Expansion Pack
    Profundity Expansion Pack

    With its powerful ship and cunning commander, the Profundity Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada lends new hope to the rag-tag Rebel fleet. Its miniature pre-painted MC75 star cruiser boasts an impressive array of weapons,…

    € 44,99
  • Rebel Fighters Squadrons I
    Rebel Fighters Squadrons I

    Even in the largest of battles, a single pilot can sometimes prove the difference between victory and defeat. Some of the most pivotal battles of the Galactic Civil War have been decided by the Rebellion’s courageous starfighter…

    € 19,99
  • Rebel Fighters Squadrons II
    Rebel Fighters Squadrons II

    Rebel pilots are masters of improvisation, and you can bring their talents to your games of Star Wars™: Armada with the Rebel Fighter Squadrons II Expansion Pack. The venerable Z-95 Headhunter, agile Lancer-class Pursuit Craft,…

    € 19,99
  • Rebel Transports
    Rebel Transports

    The Rebel Transports Expansion Pack introduces a flotilla of GR-75 medium transports to your games of Star Wars™: Armada. In addition to its flotilla, which you can field as either a pair of GR-75 Combat Retrofits or GR-75…

    € 19,99
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