The Primal Order

The Primal Order, or "TPO", is a religion-based fantasy roleplaying game supplement". Of particular note, TPO was the first work published by Wizards of the Coast and its president, Peter Adkison. Through TPO, Wizards of the Coast introduced the "Capsystem" concept, enabling gamemasters to seamlessly integrate TPO and future Capsystem titles into other role-playing games.

The supplement covers high-powered gaming and the gods. TPO provides guidelines for gamemasters to develop individual gods of various power levels, to include entire pantheons, as well as the vast support network, both divine and mortal, required to maintain and increase godly status. These guidelines stem from the foundational concept of primal energy, its sources and impact, as well as its resource management.

TPO received very good reviews from various sources, including Pyramid Magazine and RPGNet.
As part of the sale of Wizards of the Coast to Hasbro in 2001, Adkison retained the rights to The Primal Order, his own original work.


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