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  • The Assassin's Handbook
    The Assassin's Handbook

    The assassin is a killer for hire, a fighter whose strength comes from the element of surprise and from the complete disregard he has for the rules of "honorable" combat. The Assassin's Handbook, second in Green Ronin's Master…

    € 10,00
  • The Power Gamer's 3.5 Wizard Strategy Guide
    The Power Gamer's 3.5 Wizard Strategy Guide

    Kick Monster Butt

    You're looking at the only strategy guide for the revised edition of the world's most popular role playing game. Let's be real -- the game's about combat, not charisma! This strategy guide gives you the…

    € 10,00
  • Guildcraft

    Until now, there has been little reason for adventurers to give guilds a second thought. While often seen as places to find goods and services or hirelings, guilds can form the backdrop for many exciting adventures on many fantasy…

    € 7,49
  • The Freeport Trilogy
    The Freeport Trilogy

    ∙ Paperback: 160 pages
    ∙ Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing; 5th Anniversary edition edition (October 25, 2005)
    ∙ Language: English

    In August 2000, Green Ronin released the adventure Death in Freeport and kicked off the d20…

    € 39,99
  • Heroes of High Favor Halflings
    Heroes of High Favor Halflings

    Something turns up missing and all eyes immediately turn to the halfling. Are they an entire race of thieves, one and all, or are they merely misunderstood vagabonds, victims of their own wanderlust? Whatever the answer, it’s…

    € 4,99
  • Tournaments, Fairs & Taverns
    Tournaments, Fairs & Taverns

    ∙ Paperback: 96 pages
    ∙ Publisher: Mystic Eye Games (May 1, 2003)
    ∙ Language: English

    Tournaments, Fairs & Taverns is a roleplaying games supplement about games that includes a roleplaying games substitute which can be…

    € 12,49
  • Creatures of Freeport
    Creatures of Freeport

    Heroic adventurers--not to mention pirates, brigands, and ne'er-do-wells--need monsters to overcome, fiends to thwart, and hostile wildlife to discover. And nothing enhances a setting like a selection of creatures that were…

    € 32,49
  • the book of immortals
    the book of immortals

    The greatest challenge awaits you...

    Do you dare to take up the reins of power? Do you dare to challenge the forces of the universe and take your place amongst the stars?

    Through The Book of Immortals, characters will face tests…

    € 9,99
  • Arcane Mysteries: Blight Magic
    Arcane Mysteries: Blight Magic

    Does the very land hold a life force that can be sucked dry, just as a vampire drains blood from his victims? There is an ancient art that is resurfacing. A terrible lore that allows spell casters, both Arcane and Divine to rape…

    € 9,99
  • Traveller's Tales: Crusades of Valour
    Traveller's Tales: Crusades of Valour

    Using the information in this d20 source book, you can introduce religious conflict into your campaign world as both a

    background and foreground element for all levels of play. Low level characters can take part in crusades,…

    € 9,99
  • Foul Locales: Beyond the Walls
    Foul Locales: Beyond the Walls

    In the First Foul Locales book we explored in detail locations for an urban setting in Urban Blight. In this, second book in the series we will move to the country side. These highly detailed locales will feature monster…

    € 9,99
  • of places most foul
    of places most foul

    A collection of horrific, one to two session adventures that will strike terror into the hearts of your 3E characters. Each adventure is self- contained and is run entirely separate from one another. These range from mid to high…

    € 9,99
  • The Hunt: Rise of Evil World Book
    The Hunt: Rise of Evil World Book

    The Hunt: Rise of Evil” is a d20 campaign setting by Mystic Eye Games. In this book you will be immersed into the dark world of Gothos. You will find a new and fantastic land where the dreams and nightmares of our sleeping Earth…

    € 12,49
  • The Spear of the Lohgin
  • sanctuary

    Sanctuary....a place of refuge providing safety from those who would bring you harm. Sometimes those who seek sanctuary are not what you would expect...

    The rural backwater of Cherrimoor is a place far from the intrigue of the…

    € 14,99
  • Spells & Magic
    Spells & Magic

    Magic is a powerful force in most fantasy worlds, and many are the paths open to those who seek magical power. From the arcane to the divine, Spells & Magic provides information for both players and DMs and is easily useable in…

    € 12,49
  • Mystic Warriors
    Mystic Warriors

    HERESY! Brothers, we are concerned with the growing influence and power of heretics - these so called mystic warriors. The common folk hold them as saints and heroes. Our very church has been infested with a number of these…

    € 9,99
  • The Pit of Loch-Durnan
    The Pit of Loch-Durnan

    Loch-Durnan, a forested town shrouded in mist. It is a town with closely guarded secrets; a town in trouble. Goblins have occupied the caverns of the pit, a hidden gold mine that makes the small town prosperous. Injured in a raid…

    € 4,99
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