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A+ staat


Ongebruikt, meestsal nog in folie.


A staatZo goed als nieuw


Minimale gebruikssporen, meestal alleen op de

plank gestaan.

B staatZeer goede staat


Lichte gebruikssporen op kaft en hoekjes, minimale

gebruikssporen pagina’s.

C staatGoede staat 


Gebruikssporen op kaft, hoekjes en pagina’s, maar

nog in nette staat

D staatRedelijke staat 


Gebruikssporen op kaft, hoeken, evt losse pagina´s

of kaft, maar nog goed bruikbaar.

  • Ultra Tech (softcover)
    Ultra Tech (softcover)

    Weapons, Vehicles, and Gadgets

    GURPS Ultra-Tech is the sourcebook for science-fiction technology, from the near future to the farthest reaches of the imagination. It's a valuable companion to GURPS Space, GURPS Bio-Tech, and…

    € 64,99
  • Psionics

    Mind Over Matter
    Spies and police who can read your thoughts. New Age mysticism merged with ultra-technology. Psychic vampires. Mass minds of terrible power. Telepathic computers. Gifted children killed or kidnapped by a power-mad…

    € 14,99
  • Compendium I
    Compendium I

    Build Character! GURPS Compendium I has it all! We've searched over a hundred GURPS books and dozens of Roleplayer and Pyramid articles to bring you the most complete compilation of character generation rules ever. Compendium I…

    € 17,49
  • Fantasy Folk
    Fantasy Folk

    GURPS Fantasy Folk is a guide to 24 nonhuman characters that can be incorporated into any GURPS game. Includes sample characters, background, culture, psychology, and everything you need to know to play the character or for a…

    € 9,99
  • Magic

    Series: GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System
    Paperback: 128 pages
    Publisher: Steve Jackson Games; 2 edition (March 1994)
    Language: English

    € 9,99
  • Monsters

    They chase you, baying, through woods far from home. They lurk in the shadows to grab the unwary. They possess your friends and change them subtly. They smash through your bedroom wall and are on you before you can even scream.…

    € 22,49
  • Basic Set
    Basic Set

    GURPS: the Generic Universal RolePlaying System is the most flexible roleplaying system you can use. Adventure in any world you can think of. Supplements covering many genres are already out -- and more are coming! But you don't…

    € 22,49
  • Bestiary

    Rule the animal kingdom with GURPS Bestiary! This new edition of the popular supplement includes many of the popular creatures from prior editions, as well as dozens of new beasts. There is an expanded section on using animals as…

    € 17,49
  • Fantasy Bestiary
    Fantasy Bestiary

    This extensively researched book, based on authentic folklore and legends from all over the world, is a perfect resource for the GM of any fantasy campaign. It includes more than 250 fantasy animals and plants, ranging from…

    € 17,49
  • Powers

    Save the World . . . or Destroy It!GURPS Powers is the ultimate book for the ultimate characters in the new Fourth Edition of GURPS! Here's everything you need to create every kind of amazing, off-the-chart superhero you can…

    € 74,99
  • Werewolf

    The time of the Apocalypse draws near.
    The corruption of the Wyrm is strangling the Great Mother.
    The sacred Caerns are vanishing, one by one.
    Humankind walks in ignorance of Gaia's peril
    There is only one hope . . .
    The Changing…

    € 19,99
  • Magic (4th)
    Magic (4th)

    this GURPS Fourth Edition book combines the spells from the Third Edition GURPS Magic and GURPS Grimoire, plus dozens of all-new spells, for the ultimate tome of magic!

    Within these pages, crackling with mystic energies, you'll…

    € 24,99
  • Basic set Campaigns
  • GM's screen
  • GURPS basic set third edition
  • Vikings
  • High-tech
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