Catalyst Series

Alle boeken op onze Site worden Weergeven met de prijs voor de B staat van het boek, Let hier alstublieft op!


A+ staat


Ongebruikt, meestsal nog in folie.


A staatZo goed als nieuw


Minimale gebruikssporen, meestal alleen op de

plank gestaan.

B staatZeer goede staat


Lichte gebruikssporen op kaft en hoekjes, minimale

gebruikssporen pagina’s.

C staatGoede staat 


Gebruikssporen op kaft, hoekjes en pagina’s, maar

nog in nette staat

D staatRedelijke staat 


Gebruikssporen op kaft, hoeken, evt losse pagina´s

of kaft, maar nog goed bruikbaar.

  • Citybook V
    Citybook V

    FOR ANY ROLE-PLAYING SYSTEM If your adventures are grid-locked into the usual, lead them down the streets of Sideshow. The city's decidedly different exotics quarter - a haven for some of the strangest places of business that any…

    € 19,99
  • Citybook IV
    Citybook IV

    13 Fully described business and cultural establishments for use with any RPG sytem including over 72 completely developed non-player personalities to interact with your player's characters in City Adventures.

    Paperback: 96…

    € 19,99
  • Citybook III
    Citybook III

    This is a very Collectable Dungeons and Dragons accessory, that was produced by Flying Buffalo. It is loaded with all kinds of very useful information, to help enhance or create any Fantasy City! It is also useable with just about…

    € 19,99
  • Citybook II
    Citybook II

    Paperback: 112 pages
    Publisher: Flying Buffalo; 1st edition (March 1, 1984)
    Language: English

    € 19,99
  • Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom
    Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom

    Grimtooth conducts a guided tour of the nastiest dungeon your players can imagine. Full of danger and challenge, this book is intended for the fiendish GM. Fully mapped.

    Publisher: Flying Buffalo; First Printing edition…

    € 17,49
  • Citybook I  Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
    Citybook I Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

    Publish Date: 1982
    Pages: 120
    Language: English

    € 14,99
  • grimtooth's traps
    grimtooth's traps

    "Assembled herein are one hundred and one catastrophic traps, sinister snares, engines of evil, and deadly devices, with passing comments made on a folio of fearsome all, one hundred and one ways to influence delvers,…

    € 17,49
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