• The Bloody Sands of Sicaris
    The Bloody Sands of Sicaris

    The petty and traitorous schemes of a distant Hinterland commander strike at the very heart of the Coryani. Rumors of collaboration with the dismal, gloomy powers of Canceri send the Imperial council into a panic, and the brink of…

    € 4,99
  • Codex: Arcanis
    Codex: Arcanis

    It's the end of the world.

    In the north, the nation of Canceri begins to buckle from the weight of the theocracy's oppressive rule - most pray for death, and the rest, for deliverance.

    Enemies gather round the proud nation of…

    € 7,49
  • Blood Reign of Nishanpur
    Blood Reign of Nishanpur

    Neroth has reclaimed his own. After a century of rule, the Dark Apostate of Canceri has relinquished his claim upon this mortal coil and passed into oblivion. Shadows cluster among the vaults of the capital city of Nishanpur as…

    € 4,99
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